ELJ Technologies is focused on providing cost effective soil stabilization, dust suppression, slope stabilization and highway safety systems for the public and private infrastructure industries worldwide. Our advanced innovations provide competitive and environmentally friendly solutions, delivering real savings in cost and time. Our highly effective technology improves the structural performance of any pavement.



ELJ Technologies has developed a proprietary, EU certified, soil stabilization and dust control technology, MH-72, specifically engineered to accelerate the cohesive bonding of clay based soil particles, thereby providing long-term benefits and solutions for the road infrastructure and construction industries.


Full Depth Reclamation and Stabilization is a pavement rehabilitation process that pulverizes and reuses the existing pavement and subbase materials mixed with our soil stabilization technology, MH-72 to produce a structurally strong pavement base course.


Our Geogrids are engineered to deliver exceptionally high strength characteristics at low levels of strain. The Geogrid is
additionally coated with a polymer that provides high resistance to degradation in soil environments as well as providing additional UV and mechanical damage protection to the woven fibers.


Needle-punched nonwoven Geotextiles with or without thermally bonded surface. Our nonwoven geotextiles are made from either polyester continuous filament yarns by needle-punched manufacturing process; or polypropylene staple fiber by needle-punched manufacturing process with thermally bonded surface

A fundamental cost saving challenge in the construction industry is finding efficient ways in which to reduce construction time.

Optimizing the Construction Process

Our proprietary soil stabilization technology provides builders with substantial revenue enhancement benefits by reducing equipment, labor and logistics costs through the use of in-situ materials.

Reducing the need for excavation, material hauling, and additional aggregate materials importation such as newly quarried road bases or manufactured products such as asphalt or concrete significantly reduce transportation and material costs. This can reduce road pavement thickness by an average of 50%.

Our soil stabilization additives are environmentally friendly. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive and totally biodegradable.

Contrary to most environmentally beneficial products and services, ELJ Technologies promotes significant short term and long-term savings in both cost and time expenditures. Road construction and other infrastructure companies can maximize productivity and profitability

on day one. Our approach to soil stabilization provides innovative solutions that substantially diminish the environmental impact by reducing, recycling and reclaiming materials used

in our operations.

We provide the highest level of technical assistance in the field that supports the use of our technologies.

ELJ Technologies provides support services that are an integral part of every project. Our team of design and application engineers will work with you from the outset to ensure that our products, systems and designs are tailored to your exact requirements, to help you achieve your project objectives on time and to budget.

We provide state of the art turn key solutions for road infrastructure.

ELJ Technologies provides high tension cable barrier systems consisting of unique oval shaped steel posts. Our cable barrier system assists in redirecting errant vehicles that would otherwise cross the median of any roadway. The post employs a unique wave-shaped slot, which works in tandem with a strategically positioned, widened cable spread designed to help restrain various types of vehicles that impact the system.